VIP Casino SL Casino of the Shangri La Network Opened in Riga

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Опубликовано в библиотеке: 2017-12-07

На фото: VIP Casino SL Casino of the Shangri La Network Opened in Riga, автор: admin

На фото: VIP Casino SL Casino of the Shangri La Network Opened in Riga. Загружено: admin /

At magnificent, renovated Grand Hotel Kempinski in the center of Riga, on November 17, 2017 a new casino SL Casino Riga was opened. It operates under the holding company Storm International, which owns a network of elegant gambling houses Shangri La across Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and a network of slot-halls in Germany. The new casino in Riga offers high standards of Shangri La VIP-halls, exquisite interiors and impeccable service.

Description of SL Casino Riga

SL Casino is easy to find in the center of the Latvian capital: just 20 minutes from the airport and close to the most notable sights of the city. The new club-type casino is located on two floors of the Grand Hotel Kempinski and even has a separate entrance to the slot-hall.

The area of ​​the gambling complex counts 625m2. Exquisite interiors of SL Casino are made in the art deco style. The design implements expensive varieties of wood, exclusive carpets from England, Italian furniture and interior fabrics. Especially carefully thought through is the soft lighting, which diffuses the tension, alleviating the mood.

The new casino in Latvia absorbed the best traditions of VIP-halls of the Shangri-La network. Even the most demanding guests will appreciate the impeccable service. 150 employees are involved in servicing the casino. The halls use the gaming equipment of the well-known manufacturers of the industry: Aristocrat, Cammegh, Novomatic, IGT, EGT. The institution uses unique software, created by its own IT department. It has been tested and improved over the decades.

On the 1st floor there is a slot hall and a small sports bar with a wide selection of drinks for every taste. There are 51 slot machines: the most popular and modern models.

On the 2nd floor there are 10 gaming tables, behind which you can play baccarat, roulette and several types of poker. For visitors who prefer privacy and a game with high stakes, an elegant private hall is open. Also on the second floor there is a lounge area and another bar.

The opening of SL Casino Riga was held on November 17, but the holding also planned a grand opening on December 23. The party for the occasion will definitely be memorable!

About Storm International and Shangri La Casino Network

The international holding company Storm International started operating in 1992; was founded by the Englishman, Michael Boettcher. It includes entertaining and gambling facilities in several countries of the world: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Venezuela, Romania, Mexico. The company also manages the virtual casino, which operates under the license from MGA.

Shangri La Casino Network operates in the post-Soviet space, focusing on the VIP sector. Gambling houses in Tbilisi, Minsk and Yerevan are the flagships of the holding and the ornaments of the cities in which they work. All of them follow the strict standards of the company, offer a high level of service to the guests and observe the principles of responsible game. Casino Shangri La Tbilisi received the "Golden Brand" award in 2016 and was named the best in the Georgian capital, which highlights its level.

On holidays and weekends, the Shangri La network hosts themed parties, gastronomic events, tournaments and fun games, which make being there an unforgettable experience.

All casinos, including the new SL casino (Latvia), have the same stylistic design and guarantee maximum care and privacy for each guest. When managing gambling houses, Storm International uses more than 25 years of experience, to bring clients the service they deserve.

From the first day of work, SL Casino is doing everything possible to become the best casino in Riga climbing up the ranks day and night.


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