How to choose a casino? Expert Advice

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Опубликовано в библиотеке: 2020-06-23

As you know, gambling is allowed in Belarus. Gambling through the Internet is also allowed. Nevertheless, if you enter a targeted query into the search engine, then we will be offered thousands of gaming sites. Some of them are official, some are an obvious fake. How, then, among this variety to choose a stable, honest and well-known game provider, so as not to give your money to scammers?

Among so many gaming sites available on the world market, it is very difficult to find the really best portals with the highest rating in Belarus. In our country, this market is only developing. Nevertheless, the operators working in Belarus try to be one step ahead and have in their arsenal everything that the domestic player needs. Thus, people who are looking for the best gaming sites or free online casinos can still find many options, as well as learn to recognize the best such places to play. It is important to understand that gambling via the Internet today is allowed in many countries. So, residents of many countries in Europe (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) and Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, etc.) can legally play on the Internet. For example, on the popular Malaysian site IDN POKER you can play 100+ different combinations of games at once!

Let's look at a specific situation. We go into the Crazy Fruits PM casino slot machine and look at all the components of security. So, now we will give some useful tips!

Check licenses. Casino license - what is it? Game licenses are the best proof that you play on secure sites. These licenses essentially allow operators to operate in certain markets. For example, all the best Belarusian online casinos in 2019 or 2020 are licensed by the state authorities of Belarus. With this in mind, it is easy to understand the importance of a gambling license. They are difficult to get, and, as a rule, they require high standards of work from gambling operators. Therefore, always check the licenses of the selected site. In addition to the well-known UKGC worldwide license, other licenses that promise a secure environment are MGA, GBGA, and AGCC. Remember that one real-money casino may also have several licenses.

Check certificates. Gambling certificates are just as important as licenses. Independent auditors issue these certificates to operators as a sign of integrity, safety and security. This is why secure casinos often have at least one such certificate. There are several reputable and reliable certificates that legit online casinos boast. However, eCOGRA, TST Labs and GLI seem to be the most important in terms of integrity. VeriSign, Norton, and Thawte, on the other hand, certify gaming sites with a focus on site security standards.

Usually, the best operators of gaming portals in Belarus have a combination of certificates that guarantee both honesty and security. Therefore, after confirming that the operator has a license, you should also check its certificates.

Check brand reviews. Player feedback is extremely important, especially when it comes to betting on gaming sites. Finally, when you play for real money, you use real money on this site. That is why it is so important to trust the chosen operator. Those who still have not found their favorite gambling site should read our independent reviews of online casinos. In this way, they can completely avoid wasting time. At the same time, they will know that they are participating in absolutely safe and fair gambling on this site.


Photo: Screenshot of IDN Poker site

A good game organizer objectively tests all iGaming operators on their own site. That is why all the brands listed here are at the top.

Check out bonuses. Bonuses can be really huge, especially for beginner players. There are many different types of bonuses and their rules to consider. There are two smart options that we recommend to our readers.

The first option is to start with the opening bonuses of the casino novice, because they offer more money for the game. They are ideal for those who are looking for entertainment on gaming sites. On the other hand, those who hope to make money on any gaming site should adhere to offers with low wagering requirements. In addition, casino bonuses on bets will also not work. In any case, start with a good bonus, because there is no second chance to get them again.

Read the rules. Whenever you want to register with iGaming, we strongly recommend that you read the rules. Well-known gambling sites usually contain a link to the Rules in the footer of their site.

There, players can find a lot of useful information, such as about RTP games, bonus conditions, withdrawal rules, etc.

In addition, any secure online casino in 2019/2020 may also contain company information, license information, and additional certification that they may have. In fact, everything that a player may want to know about the selected site is usually contained in the rules due to the new regulation of gambling. So, if you want to keep abreast of your future gambling operator on the Internet, you should definitely visit his section of the terms of service.

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