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Опубликовано в библиотеке: 2015-02-09

Youtube is a service that is became available in 2005. Youtube was founded by three friends, that worked together at one of the largest companies that was developing electronic payment facilities. Youtube was one of the best startups of that time. The service gave to people an opportunity to share their videos with the whole world. Paying attention that youtube was one of its kind, many companies got interested in youtube. Right before year 2007 has come. Google has become the owner of the youtube.

On youtube you could find video of any kind and to every interest of duration up to 15 minutes. The long documentaries or interview are parted. Of course the premium users could upload videos of a longer duration. But mostly everybody uses the standard account. Like some musical bands or collectives, which are using youtube as a way to promote their creativity.

Not so long ago different services, offering to convert video that was seen on youtube using it’s URL-code into mp3 file of high quality. In this particular range of youtube mp3 online converters the unquestionable unspoken leader is youtube mp3 online service, which gives you an opportunity to convert and download mp3 file right from youtube using only online site and browser. Why it is the best one? Let’s try to make it clear. Further goes the advantages of youtube mp3 online program:

  • Youtube mp3 online application is the simplest application in use, so better be said that even the beginner who become internet user just a couple of weeks ago will succeed how to make it work. The absence of additional permissions and requirements or extra soft to be installed. The service is completely online and will do all the settings instead of you. All the info is kept in the cloud server. Also no advertisement or referenced links are included, so you won’t spend time on useless and annoying things like viewing partner’s websites.
  • On the output you will get mp3 file in high quality, which means you will have an excellent audio track right in your playlist.
  • Youtube mp3 online program is modern and technically innovative software that works on any platform or gadget, which has an access to internet.
  • Youtube mp3 online application is totally open source and requires no additional soft to be installed. All the settings were installed by the creators of this program and all you have to do is to choose the video and download it to your computer.

Using our youtube mp3 online service as a helper to make the playlist of your dream don not forget, that this application could be used in private purposes only. Commercial and public use of the application is totally and absolutely forbidden and prohibited. Enjoy listening to the music and do not break any law. If you want to show us your regards than write a comment or feedback about youtube mp3 program in socials. It would help us to improve and upgrade the app to the highest level. Just remember that the youtube mp3 service exists to serves people’s needs and we like what we do and we do what we like.


VIDEO. YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014.

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