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Foundations of Risk Analysis

Дата публикации: 11 октября 2006
Автор: Terje Aven
Публикатор: БЦБ LIBRARY.BY
Рубрика: ЭКОНОМИКА - Зарубежные экономисты
Источник: (c) University of Stavanger, Norway

This book is about foundational issues in risk and risk analysis; how risk should be expressed; what the meaning of risk is; how to understand and use models; how to understand and address uncertainty; and how parametric probability models like the Poisson model should be understood and used. A unifying and holistic approach to risk and uncertainty is presented, for different applications and disciplines. Industry and business applications are highlighted, but aspects related to other areas are included. Decision situations covered include concept optimization and the need for measures to reduce risk for a production system, the choice between alternative investment projects and the use of a type of medical treatment...

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Опубликовано 11 октября 2006 года

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